Drª Martina Tirone – Teacher

“Despite being a fairly healthy person, I began to notice some loss of flexibility, such as difficulty in making specific movements.
To deal with problems resulting from poor posture and prevent pain, I went to an osteopath and met Dr. Tiago Correia.

Dr. Tiago could understand what the real causes of my muscle strains. Then he was concerned with my bone structure in general. I noticed as soon as my body became more balanced and with greater flexibility in movement.

Dr. Tiago has a very calm and determined way, which proves his experience. Furthermore, it has availability to clearly explain his methods.
I am very pleased with Dr. Tiago and I am full confidence.”

Mr. Jorge Fonseca – Retired construction

“Dr. Tiago Correia is an excellent health care professional. I went to his office in Praia das Maçãs, especially with a back pain and after the evaluation he told me I should go to my GP because it would be developing a urinary tract infection. At the time, even he explained me everything very clear, I found strange, but after some tests it was confirmed the diagnosis.”

Mr. Oliveira Monteiro – Construction worker

“I had a neck pain for several months and when I went to an appointment with Tiago Correia, I could barely move my head. Right now I’m fine and with no pain. Tiago Correia is a wonderful osteopath. Now, I come here once a month to do maintenance. “

Ms. Cátia Esteves – Administrative

“My job is not a physicall but a mentall work and I spend many hours sitting.
I had a hard time getting in and out of the car because I had pain in the lower back and left leg. In two treatments I was like new.”

Ms. Maria Alice – Security worker

“I spend many hours standing. When I got here I had a strong back pain that was going to the leg and the foot. I took a few injections, prescribed by my doctor and there was no improvement.
After two treatments with Dr. Tiago I had a major improvement.”


Ms. Mariana Cardoso – Businesswoman

“When I came to the first appointment with the osteopath Tiago Correia I could not sleep all night because I had severe pain in the spine, shoulders and headaches.
After the first treatment, I was a little sore, but improved almost immediately. We made two more treatments and right now I’m 100%. Thank very much for your help”