In life, aging is a natural physiological process that must be followed and balanced as possible.

A body part that is greatly affected by the aging process is the musculoskeletal system, where as we get older the elasticity and structural balance decreases and deteriorates, increasing the possibility of affecting the soft tissues (e.g. muscle), and the bony structures (joints), of the body.


The effects of aging on the various body structures can give rise to some disorders, such as:

  • Widespread morning stiffness;
  • Back pain;
  • Neck pain and in the arm;
  • Pain in the hip and pelvis;
  • Joint inflammations (arthritis), and swelling (edema), joints.


Osteoarthritis and exercise

It is common for people over 55 years old to suffer the effects of osteoarthritis promoting pain, stiffness and restricted mobility. Use the osteopathic treatment can relieve and control symptoms that are often distressing.

Often, when people reach an age when they have more time to exercise, can be infuriating when they have pain, because it usually makes the access to some of these activities and exercises impossible.


Joint degeneration – Medication – Osteopathy

Many people wrongly believe that the effect of aging and joint degeneration is not treatable and that they have no choice but to learn to live with their pain.

The medications prescribed for these pathologies, such as anti-inflammatory drugs, can often have undesirable side effects, which in some situations should be avoided. Therefore, the osteopathic treatment is usually extremely effective for these patients, where your pain can be substantially reduced by using natural treatment systems and regulation of the body.

The osteopaths often work in conjunction with the doctors, where everyone must realize that patients benefit from a multidisciplinary approach to the management of their health and available resources.