The Portuguese Osteopaths must be registered as health professionals and with higher education.


Where can act your osteopath?

There is a wide range of specialties to meet the health needs of the various people: babies, children, pregnant women, and elderly, in sport.


Osteopathy has contraindications?

It is important to note that osteopathy is not contraindicated in many of the clinical cases. However, each case is different and we can never generalize!

In short, what may be contraindicated are the techniques that the osteopath can use during evaluation and treatment. Anyway, osteopathy, by itself, is not usually contraindicated in any condition.


Your osteopath and the treatment program

It must be based on practical objectives agreed with the patient, where it is essential to assist the patient to gain both physical movement, mobility and independence as possible, so that it can resume their work or usual lifestyle as soon as possible.


Your osteopath and your doctor

When necessary, the osteopath can meet with your GP (physician) to ensure the best treatments and results.

There are situations where it is important that both keep contact in order to promote the quality and excellence in service and monitoring the patient.

The Osteopaths also offer personalized advice about work and postural re-education, and elasticity strengthening exercises, such as counseling and stress management.